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UV Systems

UV Systems

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UV systems will protect you from living organisms in your water such as bacteria and cysts. Ultraviolet (UV) water purification systems are trusted by thousands of people worldwide for use in homes, cottages, and in many industrial and commercial applications. UV systems come in a variety of sizes and can be used to purify the water for a single faucet or for an entire home or larger building. UV systems are superior to chemical water disinfection because they don't add any harmful chemicals to the water, or to the environment.

Micro-Biological Problem in various Industries

Pharmaceuticals Industry : # Bacterial count in process water.
# Bacterial growth in sand filter, Carbon filter, D.M. Plant.
# Decreased shelf life of the R.O. Membrane, Resin & Filter beds etc.
Bottling Industry : # Decreased shelf life of the end mineral water, Soft Drink, product.
Dairy Canneries : # Contamination of bottles.
# Bacterial growth in Sand filter, Carbon filter, D.M.Plant.
Food & Beverage Industry : # Decreased shelf life of the end product.
Fish Hatcheries : # Whirling disease.
# Increased fish mortality.
Paint Industry : # Decreased shelf life of the water based paints.
Poultry Industry : # Increased bird mortality.


  • Ultra violet radiation is natural source of purification.
  • Ultra violet radiation band of invisible light in the electromagnetic spectrum, in the range of 200 - 400 nm wavelengths.
  • The U.V. wavelength of 253.7 nm possesses the greatest germicidal effectiveness, which Penetrate the microbial cell membrane to destroy the DNA molecule thus preventing cell Replication.
  • U.V. is used to provide Bacterial Disinfection in water. It does not change the Physical or Chemical Characteristics in water. U.V. provides disinfection On Contact. It does not have any residual properties left in treated water.
  • Special High Germicidal Lamps produce high U.V. output in 254 nm range.
  • There are no know micro organisms resistant to U,V.
  • U.V. water purification is preferred the world over because it is the simplest & most practical means of destroying micro organisms in water.