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Boiler Chemical

Boiler Chemical

The primary function of a boiler is to transfer heat from hot gases generated by the combustion of fuel into water until it becomes hot or turns to steam. The steam or hot water can then be used in building or facility processes.

Except for a small number of specialty models, boilers generally fit into one of the two common categories: fire-tube boilers and water-tube boilers.Fire-tube boilers pass hot combustion gases through tubes submerged in water. Water-tube boilers, on the other hand, circulate water inside the tubes in a closed vessel filled with hot combustions gases. In either category the boiler feed water and fuel often contain impurities, which impairs boiler operation and efficiency. Chemical additives can be used to correct the problems caused by these impurities. To improve feed water quality, fuel oil condition, and steam purity, these chemicals can be injected directly into the feed water, steam or fuel oil.

This fact sheet discusses the potential problems associated with the impurities in the feed water and fuel and the chemical treatment programs available.

    Benefits of Chemical Treatments:

  • Increase boiler efficiency

  • Reduce fuel, operating and maintenance costs

  • Minimize maintenance and downtime

  • Protect equipment from corrosion and extend equipment lifetime.

Chemical Treatments for Waterside of Boiler Tubes:

    The feed water is composed of makeup water (usually city water from outside boiler room/ process) and condensate (condensed steam returning to the boiler). The feed water normally contains impurities, which can cause deposits and other related problems inside the boiler. Common impurities in water include alkalinity, silica, iron, dissolved oxygen and calcium and magnesium (hardness). Blow down, a periodic or continuous water removal process, is used to limit the concentration of impurities in boiler water and to control the buildup of dissolved solid levels in the boiler. Blow down is essential in addition to chemical treatments.

  • Aqua blend - 321 (Scale & Corrosion)

  • Aqua blend - 310 (Oxygen Scavenges)

  • Aqua blend - 324 (Scale & Corrosion)

  • Aqua blend - 322 S (Boiler feed water)

  • Aqua blend - XL (Online Boiler Descalant)

    Chemical Treatment for Fireside Boiler Tubes:

  • Aqua blend AD - The Fuel Oil Conditioner

  • Fueline - X (Stick & Bottle) - To Burn Carbon